What started as a passion project and direct involvement in the Performing Arts, Dr. Roux, President of SAATME (South African Association of Performing Arts) dedicated her life and time to provide opportunities for further development for children and young adults in South Africa.

Under the Auspices of the South African Association of Talent, Modelling, and Entertainment, the National Championships of Visual Arts seek to inspire creatives from around South Africa to pursue a life and career in the arts, and to help careers
grow through funding and increased exposure of their work to galleries, collectors, and media.

As part of the South Africa Championships of Performing Arts (SACOPA), the National Championships of Visual Arts has evolved as a championship in its own right. the NCVA represents the opportunity for all Visual artists to showcase their
talents on a national level in all the different categories of the Visual Arts.

Once a year artists are invited to share their passion for the arts and compete in the National Championships of Visual Arts.

This event not only allows contestants to showcase their work but to compete against each other and continuously strive to better their technique. It also offers opportunities for participants to be spotted.


Dr. Ellen Roux is a dynamic, humble lady, who committed herself to the young (potential) artists of South Africa, founding Beyond 2000 Performing Arts and directing the South Africa Championships of Performing Arts, to give them the chance to shine and to succeed in the global performing arts industry. She obtained a B.Sc. MBA Degree and a Ph.D., which she completed in 2005.

She manages SACOPA (South Africa Championship of Performing Arts), Beyond 2000 Performing Arts as well as SAATME (South Africa Association of Talent, Modelling and Entertainment) successfully, giving young talents the opportunity they deserve here in South Africa, making it accessible to everyone, and creating a true career potential.

Dr. Roux is also involved in pageants and events (among others), Little Miss South Africa, Miss Teen South Africa and many more National and International competitions that offer great prizes, bursary awards, with excellent opportunities for participants to be spotted by renowned industry officials.

All eligible entries will be judged in two rounds using the following criteria:

· Artistic technique
· Handling of medium
· Design and creative elements
· Overall impression/impact 

  1. Judging will be done in each category by qualified judges.
  2. The judges will name the Winners.
  3. Judging will be blind; no information regarding the entrants will be shared with the judge until all scoring is done.
  4. In the event of a tie, the entry with the highest score in overall impression/impact will be deemed the Winner. If there is still a tie, the judge will select the entry deemed to be the better entry overall.
  5. Winners will be announced on the evening of the prize-giving on the last day of the competition. If the winner is not there to receive his / her prize on the evening of the prize-giving, the prize will go to the person with the next highest score.
  6. Contestants are awarded the following:
  • Certificate of National participation.
  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals in each category to the three highest scores.
  • Overall Achievement Trophy and Cash prize to the highest score across all categories.
  • All contestants receiving a gold medal will receive a National Championship Visual Arts badge to wear on their School Uniform.
  • All winners’ work will be featured in the ON STAGE magazine of SAATME.

There are very few art competitions out there that are made with the sole focus on
academic students at the primary, high school and college levels.

We invite all schools to enter their pupils from grade 1 to grade 12 as well as colleges and universities. The composition of competitors consists of young children, teens, and young artists of all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds.

We strive to empower the youth of the world for a better tomorrow. We aim, not only to help the artists of tomorrow to gain exposure and a better platform to showcase their skills and beautiful artworks but to display their work and talent on a reputed platform as well as building a mutual understanding amongst people through art and its beautiful language.

The National Championship of Visual Art is a great initiative for individuals with a strong interest in the arts from all walks of life to get to know each other, be part of a wonderful community, and appreciate each other’s works.

Though it is a small arrangement as compared to established exhibitions/competitions, this art program has a jury that selects the winners, and every year, the entries keep increasing.


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We celebrate original work in drawing mediums, including:

  • The medium must be suitable to create a tonal variation. The tonal variation must be evident.
  • Emphasis must be on the details and dimensions in the image.
  • A drawing can be a complete work or a type of preparatory sketching for a painting or sculpture.
  • A Central issue in fine art concerns the relative importance of drawing (line) versus color.


Suitable mediums:
Encaustic Painting
Fresco Painting
Ink and Wash
Nail Art
Panel Painting
Tempera Painting
Water Colours

  • A mixture of mediums size must be a minimum of A3 (Canvas, Fiberboard, or Paper with 180gsm).
  • Art elements must be present.
  • Sculpture: Medium must be suitable to create texture and 3D.


Functionality & aesthetic value of artwork is fundamental.

A clear indication of form meets function. Modern trendsetting design concepts. Proportions and Scale of design must be realistic.

The minimum requirement is 5 cm x 5 cm.

If it is carved or molded the structure must be rigid and not collapse.

Food, Cake, and other consumable sculptures must be submitted via photography as follow:
4 x photographs on a neutral surface, black or white
1 x top view
2 x 90˚ front & back
1 x own choice

20 Categories of design:

  • Communication/Information design (Posters, Adverts, and Packaging, etc).
  • 2D Design (Beadwork, embroidery, stained glass, textiles, etc).
  • 3D Design (basketry, ceramics, puppetry, fireworks, etc.).


Any type of camera may be used:




The most important focus must be on the composition, your work must communicate a message.

Any subject matter may be used BUT the artist may not be the subject.

Plagiarism of existing images will not be accepted. No digital editing or enhancements. No erotic, seminude, grunge, or gore images will be accepted.


No montage or collage of images that are not own work.

Stock images may only be used to enhance the main image.

All images used must be scanned or generated digitally.

To curb plagiarism it is required to submit:

Digital copy of work in editable format.

3 Images of progression of work.

All works must be original. “Original” means that the work must be from the hand of a single artist; pieces that originate from a workshop or a class under the direction of a teacher is not eligible.

For works based on reference photographs, eligibility requires that the artist must have taken the photographs or have obtained written permission from the photographer to create the work and to enter it in the Contest.

Compositions based on published material or other artists’ work are NOT considered original and are not eligible.

By entering, you represent and warrant that your entry is your original work, that your entry does not infringe the rights of any third party, and that you have all the rights necessary to submit the entry and to assign the rights in the entry.

Works deemed unsuitable for publication or that do not meet the above criteria, in the sole discretion of the Organizer, are not eligible. Works previously published/entered at the time of submission to this contest in a national publication or receiving an award at a national-level exhibition is not eligible.

By entering, you grant SAATME, its licensees and designees, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free right to use the entry in THE SAATME – ON STAGE magazines, on our SACOPA website, in Sponsor’s digital products, and in ads promoting future competitions, without further permission, compensation, or notification. You further
agree that SAATME shall have the right, but not the obligation, to use your name and/or photograph for the same purposes.

Any entrant suspected of tampering with or disrupting any aspect of the Contest will be disqualified. All decisions of SAATME are final.

By your participation in the Contest, you:

  • Agree to be bound by these Official Rules
  • Agree to release, indemnify, and hold SAATME, their affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, and divisions, and all of their officers, directors, employees, and agents harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, and damages of any kind arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from your participation in the
    Contest, from SAATME’s use of your entry, or from your acceptance, possession, use, or misuse of any Prize, and
  • Agree that any dispute or claim will be resolved individually and without resort to a class action.

With the exception of the Winner’s name, city, and Region, information collected by Organizers solely in connection with the Contest will not be shared with third parties.

One entry per category allowed.

The participants must submit their work in mediums such as installations, paintings, or sculptures.

All the Oils and Acrylics submissions are required to be made predominantly on a
board or a canvas. Watercolors, pastels, and pencils to be rendered on artist paper.
Any artwork in pastel, oil, gouache, watercolor, and oil is accepted, but no digitally
manipulated work, painted over photos, or any type of reproductions will be
accepted as entries.

The minimum size excluding the frame is set as A3 size.

Any artwork to be considered as an entry must be original in the concept as well as
execution and must have been completed within the timeframe of the last 3 years.
The entries should not violate any copyrights and an artwork exhibited in any
previous show held by the NCVA will not be considered as an entry.

Sculpture submissions must not be bigger than 60cm x 60cm

A copy of the entry form should be attached to all entries (Either permanently
to the back of the artwork, or the bottom of a three-dimensional piece (Sculpture)

Entries may be mounted or framed.

In addition, the following information should be attached to the front on the bottom
left-hand side of the artwork with a paperclip:

  • Personal Details (Name and Tel Number)
  • School/Studio
  • Grade / Section
  • Category
  • All work must be signed and dated by the artist
  • Artwork does not have to be framed.
  • If Artwork is delicate it must be packaged and marked as delicate
  • Craft Projects are not allowed (Scrapbooking template mosaic, paint by
    numbers, etc.)
  • Each artist must bring his/her own easels for their artwork, there is no hanging
    space in the hotel.
  • A full-length easel or table easel should be used to display Artwork.

Any animal in any setting is fair game for this category. Entries will be judged, among other criteria, on the innovative handling of the subject, the expression, and rendering.

With unlimited subject matter, entries will be judged on the artist’s use of design, texture, media, lighting and special techniques, among other criteria.

Any landscape, from city scenes to imaginary horizons, will be judged, among other things, on the artist’s use of form, space, lighting and mood.

Portrait and figure entries can be individuals or groups, and will be judged, among other criteria, on expressiveness and draftsmanship.

Still Life/Interior:
Entries will be judged, among other criteria, on overall design, unique arrangement of subject matter, handling of medium, lighting and mood.

For further information, you can contact:

Dr. Ellen Roux
Tel: 0836266512
or email: ellenr@sacopa.co.za

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