About South African Championship of Performing Arts

SACOPA is the South African Championships of Performing Arts, directed by Dr. Ellen Roux via Beyond 2000.

SACOPA (South Africa Championships of Performing Arts) was founded by Dr. Ellen Roux and was first hosted in 1998, with the intention to make her childhood dream of success in the performing arts come true for other talented kids and adults.


The South African Championships of Performing Arts is the only official national competition for both novice and experienced performers, and includes the following performing arts events:

  • Acting
  • Dance / Dance Crews
  • Instrumental
  • Modelling
  • Variety Acts
  • Vocals
  • Vocal Self Accompaniment

The age groups are as follows:

  • Junior (age divisions: 5-7, 8-10, 11-12, 13-15)
  • Senior (age divisions: 16-17, 18-24, 25-29, 30+)

Styles and categories differ for each competition, and can be found in more details at our FAQ page.

The Director

Dr. Ellen Roux is a dynamic, humble lady, who committed herself to the young (potential) artists of South Africa, founding Beyond 2000 and directing the South African Championships of Performing Arts, to give them the chance to shine and to succeed in the global performing arts industry.

Mr. Frik de Lange, who is the CEO of Beyond 2000, joined her in this project in 2001.

She detains an MBA B.Sc. Degree and a PhD, which she completed in 2005.
With regards to giving young talents the opportunity they deserve here in South Africa, she manages SACOPA and Beyond 2000 professionally, making it accessible to everyone, and creating a true career starting potential.

She is also involved in pageants and events (among others, Little Miss South Africa, Miss Teen South Africa), and many more national and international competitions.

Some of her other roles are:

  • Regional Director for Africa
  • National Director for South Africa
  • President of the National Directors Council
  • Founder of SAATME (South African Association of Talent, Modelling and Entertainment)

She was given the honor of being inducted in the Performing Arts Hall of Fame, alongside famous artists Dolly Parton and Liza Minelli, to mention but a few.

Some of her other achievements:

  • November 1993: She started the Little Miss South Africa Pageant
  • November 1998: She was honored to be invited for tea with Little Miss South Africa to President Mandela’s home
  • December 1998: Obtained License for South Africa for The World Championships of Performing Arts
  • January 1999: Established the South African Championships of Performing Arts in SA
  • April 2001: Appointed as the President of the National Directors Council and inducted into the Performing Arts Hall of Fame in Los Angeles
  • July 2002: Appointed as the Executive Director for the Junior World Championships of Performing Arts
  • May 2002: Obtained License for Miss Teen World in America; established Miss Teen Globe: South Africa (a pageant for teen girls in South Africa)
  • January 2003: Established S.A.A.T.M.E.
  • April 2003: Established the Achievement Awards for the Performing Arts Industry
  • January 2004: Launched the First Magazine (S.A.A.T.M.E.) for the Performing Arts industry in South Africa