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Dr Ellen Roux is the President of SAATME, National Director for South Africa and Namibia for the World Championships of Performing Arts as well as the Managing Director for Beyond2000 Performing Arts in South Africa.

She has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in the Performing Arts Industry as well as Business Management.

Whilst executing the activities related to her position of Managing Director, Beyond 2000 and her international responsibilities, she has also made time to better herself academically through distance education. During this process, she acquired a BSc Degree in Marketing as well as a Master of Business Administration. Her academic activities culminated in the conferment on her of a Doctor of Philosophy degree the evening of the 7th May 2005. She was also awarded a Merit certificate for her contributions to the development of up-and-coming performers in the Performing Arts at local, national and international levels at this graduation ceremony.

With 39 years of experience in the Industry Dr Roux is known for her expertise in marketing strategies and youth development.  Daily, she is tasked with the marketing of the Performing Arts, being involved in Pageantry, South African Championships of Performing Arts, Namibian Championships of Performing Arts, and Judging Pageants, training models for the International Market, and conducting talent development for the youth in South Africa.

The South African Association of Talent, Modelling and Entertainment is a Performing Arts Agency that provides performing arts development and youth development for children and young adults, not only in South Africa but also in Namibia.

Recently inducted into Worldwide Branding, Dr Roux attributes her success to being passionate about Pageantry and Performing Arts.    She became involved in her profession because she was a performer and there were no opportunities available when she was young.  Her professional goal is to provide those opportunities to young people that want to perform with a platform to do so.

A networker at heart, Dr Roux maintains affiliations with the Arts & Culture Council, International World Association of Talent Modelling and Entertainment.  Honoured for excellence in her field, she was inducted into the Performing Arts Hall of Fame in Los Angeles, received the largest delegation trophy for 14 Consecutive years,  be appointed as the first President of the National Directors Council at the World Championships of Performing Arts.  She was also nominated for the Checkers/Women of the Year Award, the Arts & Culture Trust Award and was recently named one of the Top 10 Inspirational Women of Finesse in South Africa in 2013.

She has a keen sense of time management as evinced by her combining her company’s strategic and business planning with her studies in that she made the future growth of her company and the services it offers the subject of her Masters and Doctoral theses.

As a result, she now has a strategic and business plan for the further training and development of persons in the South African Performing Arts as well as a Finishing Program for these same persons. These plans are founded on sound theoretical and academic principles which will assist in their successful implementation.

Ellen’s passion, love and dedication to children and her activities are aimed at offering all individuals an alternative career in the Performing Arts which is not well catered for in the formal academic system and to this end she has obtained the relevant national government department’s backing. This is especially critical as she provides a career and developmental path for those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds who would otherwise fall through the cracks in the more academically inclined environment.

This extraordinary and dynamic woman has a passion for the Performing Arts Industry.  Few people know this humble and unassuming lady, who hates being placed in the spotlight

In short, Dr Ellen Roux can be described as extremely dynamic, active, self-motivated and vibrant person.  Indeed a formidable woman!

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