Annelie d Villiers

Director - Western Cape

SACOPA Director for the Western Cape.

Annelie is the owner of HSC where she has been an Occupational Health & Safety Inspector for the past 12 years.
Apart from this very demanding career she is also an Event Coordinator in the Western Cape, Annelie has been part of the Performing Arts world for more than 21 years now and especially in the dancing world as she has danced herself and her daughter, Antoinette De Villiers, is the director of one of the larges dancing centers in the Western Cape.
She has coordinated and managed productions, fundraisers, competitions and many more.
In 2016 Annelie decided to take on the challenge of being the Western Province director for Beyond2000 as she believes in the passion of all performers in South Africa and the dream that so many children and adults have out there. Annelie is a hard working individual who is on the road of putting the Western Province Team on the map and apart from this to introduce talented young people to a world beyond their imaginations with Beyond2000.