Dear SACOPA Contestant,

These are the FINAL Schedules for each Event (Click to download each schedule). There will be no special sheets as in the past. No Changes will be done to this Schedule at all!

Please ensure that you arrive on time and at the correct venue for your audition.

 Please note

  • All Dancers and Vocals you can start from 07h00 to hand in your music and cd’s for the week. The RVR Production team will be there to assist you.
  • All Vocals that needs to use a Acoustic Piano to accompany your vocals, please send an urgent email to
  • There will be no special sheets be done after tonight. No Changes at all.
  • Please remember the traffic to get to NASREC is hectic, rather leave and travel earlier and make sure you are on time for your performance or run the risk of being disqualified for being late.If you need more information, please send an email to Dr Ellen (

Click here – To see what to do on the 31st March for registration. 

Wishing everyone good luck at the FINALS SA Championships of Performing Arts.