Fees, categories and guidelines

Find out everything about the technical side of SACOPA.

How much does it cost to take part in the South African Championships of Performing Arts?

The fees to participate in the auditions for SACOPA vary according to the different event and styles:

  • Solo entry (1 event allowed, 6 styles allowed):
    • 1 person
    • Fee: R400.00
  • Duet entry (1 event allowed, 4 styles allowed):
    • 2 people
    • Fee: R500.00
  • Trio entry (1 event allowed, 4 styles allowed)
    • 3 people
    • Fee: R600.00
  • Small group (1 event allowed, 4 styles allowed)
    • 4-9 people
    • Fee: R800.00
  • Large group (1 event allowed, 4 styles allowed)
    • 10-19 people
    • Fee:    R900.00
  • Production line (1 event allowed, 4 styles allowed)
    • 20 or more people
    • Fee: R1,500.00
Which are the events and the categories?

There are junior and senior competitions. Each of them has the following events:
•    Singing
•    Dancing
•    Modelling
•    Acting
•    Instrumentals
•    Variety acts
Junior includes these categories: 5 to 7; 8 to 10; 11 to 12; 13 to 15 years old.
Senior includes these categories: 16 to 17; 18 to 24; 25 to 29; 30+ years old.

Which are the main guidelines for an official contestant?

All official contestants must be South African citizens or residents in good standing.
They can be professionals or amateurs, and must have qualified or have been invited.They Must comply with the South African Championships of Performing Arts’ rules and regulations.

SACOPA - The experience

Find out what SACOPA is and what kind of experience it will offer you.

Are the South African Championships of Performing Arts a family event?

SACOPA is completely family friendly: it is important for the contestants to have all the support of their families, and to see that the people they love believe in them.
Contact us to find out if we have a current special or family passes.

How many regions take part in SACOPA?

All the South African regions with a number of contestants are represented at SACOPA: Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Western Cape, Northern Cape and North West.

What is SACOPA’s mission?

SACOPA’s main mission is to give young talents an opportunity to shine and see their dreams come true.
By developing and co-ordinating programs designed to enhance the well being of the Performing Arts Industry and of its individuals in South Africa, SACOPA aims at creating an infrastructure that can offer all contestants a gateway to become a World Champion.

What will I get if I win SACOPA? What will my child get by winning SACOPA?

Just by qualifying and taking part in a national competition, a young talent can gain the confidence needed to start, or continue, a journey in the multi-faceted world of the performing arts.

The winners of the South African Championships will have a chance to compete against other international contestants in the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, where experienced and famous talent scouts and a real Hollywood experience will wait for them.

Should they then be among the winners of the World Championship, they could be awarded scholarships to continue education in the performing arts industry (more than $130,000.00 are awarded for this every year).