Facts about SACOPA

Did you know that the South African Championships of Performing Arts started back in 1998?

Here are some other interesting facts about SACOPA that you might not know yet:

  • For the first event of SACOPA, back in 1998, the entries received from the 9 South African provinces were 230, of which 175 qualified as contestants for the South African Championships.
  • Of the 175 contestants, only 50 qualified for Team South Africa, and 48 of them represented the Country in the World Championships, winning 28 gold, 14 silver and 7 bronze medals. They also won 7 overall trophies, a Best Delegation trophy and a National Directors trophy.
  • 10 years later, in 2008, the entries received were 6,000, of which 3,500 qualified for the Championships. 250 of them became part of Team South Africa, and 50 of them represented us in Los Angeles, winning 149 gold medals, 90 silver and 70 bronze (which also granted them a Most Medals Won 2008 Award), besides 65 Overall awards, 37 Industrial awards and 2 Grand Champion Awards.
  • The South African Championships of Performing Arts winners that qualify for Team South Africa can, still now, fly to Hollywood and compete in the Olympics of Performing Arts, where, besides medals, $130,000.00 in scholarships are awarded to the winners, allowing them to continue education in the performing arts industry.