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Hollywood may beckon for hopeful SA artists | marula Media

 The 21th World Championship for the Performing Arts recently in Long Beach Center for the Performing Arts in Los Angeles.South Africa will be represented by 63 hopeful and talented participants in several categories including dancing, singing, modeling, acting and instrumental. More than 60 countries have sent participants may come a step closer to the Hollywood dream.The championship in 1996 by Griff O’Neil, executive director of the Championships start, giving emerging artists of all ages the opportunity to compete at an international stage. The competition is considered the Olympics of the performing arts. Judges include experts and celebrities from Hollywood and in the course of the week visiting agencies competing to watch participants and possibly invite for further talks on a Hollywood career.Ruan Nel (Photo: Supplied)

Besides gold medals, silver and bronze medals to participants walk away with scholarships to study at famous drama and dance schools in Los Angeles and New York. From the participants’ success stories include roles in big Hollywood movies, record deals and stage performances. So Keiynan Lonsdale participated from Australia in 2007 and was recently seen as the character Wally West in the international television series The Flash .According to Dr. Ellen Roux, director of the South African Championship for Performing Arts, it is South Africa’s 20th year of participation after she obtained the license in 1997 to host the competition in South Africa.Roux has a great passion for the performing arts and the event was, according to her ideal to help emerging artists trying to make a reality the Hollywood and South African entertainment dream. There are a host of South African entertainers, TV presenters, singers and models who traveled with Roux over the years to Los Angeles to participate in the competition. Among those artists count Elizma Theron, Riaan Grobler Deànré Reiners, a former Miss. SA Cindy Nell, Carmen Pretorius and more recently the nine year old concertina player, Kosie Beukes, South Africans above had with his performance at the 2017 Ghoema music awards.Riaan Grobler (Photo: Supplied)

Participants in South Africa take on regional part in auditions and they qualify and are invited to enter the South African championship for performing arts that takes place in Gauteng. It should they qualify to be part of the South African team participating in the World Championship in Los Angeles in July.While the competition offers a tremendous opportunity to be recognized internationally, participants must pay for themselves traveling, accommodation, enrollment and spending money because the South African government does not financially support the performing arts.The first category of competition began, the self- vocal department and South Africa’s junior champion Ruan Nell (10) of Midrand, showed why he boasts that title. He had the audience going with his versions of “Fat bottomed Girls” by Queen and “Rhinestone Cowboy” and “Knocking on Heavens Door”.Although the South African team to focus on coming home with gold they first Los Angeles explored to get a taste of life in Hollywood. The famous Hollywood Walk of Fame was visited and most have only taken a photo at the South African-born Charlize Theron’s star. The next morning, some Los Angeles fashion district visit while others Disneyland attempted.The final gala concert will take place this coming Friday after the week’s competitions place and participants were handpicked to act on that night and during the award ceremony following Saturday morning.But for the next few days to focus on each participant she and her participation and to give a step in the direction of a career in Hollywood.Sharing: Good news

Riaan Grobler

Source: Hollywood may beckon for hopeful SA artists | marula Media

A Message From Theresa Erlank

Theresa Erlank is the SACOPA Regional Director in Pretoria.

Rome was not build in one day“, so they say. And the more I get into this role as Regional Director, the more I realise how true this is.

As newly appointed directors for Pretoria and surround, Gerhard vd Merwe (Gertjie) and I, decided there was only one way to get things done and that was to jump in head first.

We started by contacting as many of the schools in the region, with the intention of setting up appointments with all of the heads of Culture at the schools. We also wanted to have the opportunity of speaking to as many of the students as possible. But unfortunately, this was just before the start of the exams, and things were much trickier than expected. We did however manage to meet with a few of the schools, and the sessions and feedback was amazing.

We will probably not make the target we have set for ourselves for this 1st year, but that would not be due to a lack of trying. And off course, we will not stop!

The Gauteng auditions are only in February, so there is more time… never say never!

We are both very passionate about the performing arts and this is why we took up the challenge to promote SACOPA to as many schools and people as we possibly can in the Pretoria region.

theresa-erlank-at-wcopaWe hope to see as many of you at the auditions in february.

Thank you
Theresa Erlank
Regional Director in Pretoria

TEACHER FEATURE – Corlanie Botha

Let’s get to know Corlanie Botha better.

Corlanie Botha, Gauteng director for SACOPA and owner of Pulse Dance studio, received the Outstanding Coach of the World award at the World Championships of Performing Arts 2016. We caught up with Corlanie when she returned from Los Angeles.


Tell us how you first got involved in the SA Championships?

My dance teacher entered me when I was 12 years old and 4 years ago I started entering my own students.

Why do you teach dancing and promote the performing arts?

The 2 most important days in my life are: the day I was born and the day I know what for.

Dancing is who I am. My heart is my own baseline. I dance everywhere I go.

So first is my passion for dancing. Secondly I have a lot of faith in the youth and I believe in creating hope for kids through dancing. I want to up lift them and encourage them to be the best they can be. Dancing is my whole life and I am truly blessed to be in the position that I am now. I believe in letting your inner light drive out the darkness through dancing.

Other than being able to compete on a national level, why do you feel it benefits students and competitors to take part in the SA Championships?

They benefit through learning how to survive in a “battle of the fittest” world. They learn to fight for what they want, they make new friends, come out of their comfort zone and get to show and build on their talent. Some of these kids are not academically strong but through SA Champs they have a platform to shine and it gives them all a major confidence boost. This means the world to them.

What would your advice be for anyone competing at the SA Championships of Performing Arts?

Don’t let anything distract you. Don’t get intimidated by others around you, focus on yourself and your reasons for being there. Don’t get involved in fights. Plan in advance. Set goals and plan properly how to reach them. Ask yourself: why be ordinary if you can be extraordinary?

Tell us who inspires you?

Successful Business people. I know they also started with a dream and they did whatever it took to make it happen. I have a lot of respect for business people and love to take advice from them.

What would you consider to be your biggest challenges as a teacher/director?

To not disappoint my dancers.

Has being a part of the SACOPA family had an effect on your life and career?

Yes, in a big way! SACOPA gave me a lot of exposure and opened up a lot of doors for me into the dance world. I owe a piece of my success to SACOPA. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been where I am today. Thank you Dr Ellen!


Tell us about your experience with Team SA in Los Angeles.

I was one of the Team managers this year and it was awesome and insane, like always. Team SA has so much love and we united as one family. We sang together on the airports, supported each other at the competition and we were there for each other through the stressful and happy times. LA was amazing and I didn’t want to come back. The vibe and energy there is mind blowing and on a total different level. To dance on the World stage again 60+ countries is an honour. The first week we travelled around Hollywood and the Fashion District. The second week was the competition which was awesome but still scary. We ended the trip at Universal studios.

I wish that every contestant could get the opportunity to go to the World Champs at least once in their career. It opens up your entire world to what you are busy doing in the Performing Arts world.

Do you have any success stories about students who have competed in the SA Championships?

At the 2016 World Championships Pulse Dance studio had 13 dancers representing South Africa in 20 different dance routines. We returned home with 8 gold medals, 7 silver medals, 3 bronze medals, 4 Division winners, 1 Grand Champion Award, 4 scholarships and my Outstanding Coach of the World award.

A world champion in her own right, Corlanie now teaches a new generation of potential champions. She is dynamic and driven, and she inspires others with her favourite saying: “We are not a team, we are an empire!