More than just a competition

The World Championships of Performing Arts, held in Los Angeles, USA, are more than just a competition: taking part in such an exciting international event will give the contestants an unforgettable experience, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to show their talent and succeed in the performing arts industry.

Every year, WCOPA grants the winners a large cash amount in scholarships, offering them a possibility to develop their abilities and nurture their passion for the performing arts.

Even just performing at WCOPA, in front of world renowned casting directorschoreographers, producers and talent scouts, could result in being signed off after the final show: a dream come true for many young talents, and a true career starting opportunity.

The most remarkable aspect of WCOPA is that the experience it offers is not just about success and career. It enriches the contestants’ life with a real Olympics feeling, and with an exclusive cultural exchange that makes it an absolutely unique event.

To see the South African Performers that won at the WCOPA 2016 championships: