Theresa Erlank is the SACOPA Regional Director in Pretoria.

Rome was not build in one day“, so they say. And the more I get into this role as Regional Director, the more I realise how true this is.

As newly appointed directors for Pretoria and surround, Gerhard vd Merwe (Gertjie) and I, decided there was only one way to get things done and that was to jump in head first.

We started by contacting as many of the schools in the region, with the intention of setting up appointments with all of the heads of Culture at the schools. We also wanted to have the opportunity of speaking to as many of the students as possible. But unfortunately, this was just before the start of the exams, and things were much trickier than expected. We did however manage to meet with a few of the schools, and the sessions and feedback was amazing.

We will probably not make the target we have set for ourselves for this 1st year, but that would not be due to a lack of trying. And off course, we will not stop!

The Gauteng auditions are only in February, so there is more time… never say never!

We are both very passionate about the performing arts and this is why we took up the challenge to promote SACOPA to as many schools and people as we possibly can in the Pretoria region.

theresa-erlank-at-wcopaWe hope to see as many of you at the auditions in february.

Thank you
Theresa Erlank
Regional Director in Pretoria